How to Protect Your Proprietary Information

Proprietary information makes your business special, whether you’re a tech startup with a smart algorithm or a food manufacturer with a secret sauce. Regardless of industry, business gains competitive advantage from distinct practices or unique data. The last thing you want is someone with ill intent getting their hands on your differentiators. Here’s how to […]

Does Dropbox Makes Sense for your Business?

Does Dropbox make Sense for Your Business Does Dropbox Make Sense For Your Business? It seems so easy! Drag your files into a Dropbox folder and you’ve got yourself a file sharing system that brings your business in line with modern expectations. But then again, maybe not. Dropbox has grown to become one of the […]

4 Benefits Of Engaging with a vCIO

vCIO for Business

If you’re running a small to medium sized business, you may find yourself in tricky situations when it comes to planning your IT. If your business is growing, you’re probably going to need to do quite a bit of strategic technology planning to ensure that your IT infrastructure stays aligned to your business objectives and […]

Demonstrating compliance with data security regulations can be easy if you’re prepared

These days, most businesses are subject to data protection laws or regulations of one kind or another. Some come with pretty stiff penalties. To help demonstrate you’re compliant with access control requirements, you should have clear policies and procedures about who gets access to what, what kind of passwords are required, and how often those […]

Protect yourself on the Web!

Not familiar with the term “Dark Web”? That’s okay, even some of the most sophisticated individuals in the tech space have no idea what the dark web is and how it’s accessed. As a business owner, executive or manager, you are doing your part to secure and monitor your company’s network and provide a seamless […]